Australia Pacific provides a comprehensive rental advisory service for owners and tenants of commercial, industrial or retail accommodation throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

This advice is essential at times of:

Execution of new lease
Mid term rent review
Exercise of option

Our service in this regard comprises an initial Rental Valuation followed, if required, by negotiation on behalf of our client.

Rental Valuation

The rental value of premises at any given time is determined by reference to the prevailing market for similar accommodation in the area, together with a careful examination of the specific terms of lease over the premises.

We have access to market data across the full property spectrum and have the experience and expertise to identify any condition of lease which may have the effect of distorting market parameters.

Having inspected the premises and analysed the terms of lease, we prepare a detailed report setting out our opinion of rental value, the supporting rationale for that opinion, and our recommendation as to further action.

Rental Negotiations

Having provided out initial report, we are then able to negotiate on behalf of our client to achieve the best possible outcome.

These negotiations may be carried out directly with the lessor, or in the case of mid term reviews or exercising options, with the lessor’s agent or valuer. It may also be necessary to prepare a submission to an appointed determining valuer.

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Property values are influenced by a plethora of diverse and often ambiguous factors, which are often difficult to interpret. Yet in the property market, knowledge is power