Press releases

January 08 - 1966 High in fibro, Lacey, S. (2008), The Sydney Morning Herald
January 08 - The magic of Fairy Bower, Wellings, S. (2008), Sydney Morning Herald
January 08 - The timeless beauty of the terrace house, Adams, D. (2008), The Age
December 07 - 'Sydney's finest property' in $22m deal, Chancellor, J. (2007), The Sydney Morning Herald
November 07 - Rudd homes in on youth, Coorey, P. (2007), The Sydney Morning Herald
November 07 - A '60s icon turns 40, Jellie, D. (2007), The Sydney Morning Herald
November 07 - $29.5 million: Only to knock it down, Singer, M. (2007), The Sydney Morning
November 07 - Property versus shares, Brown, B. (2007), The Sydney Morning Herald
October 07 - How to exorcise the tasteless '80s', Pilmer, A. (2007) The Age
July 2007 - Young Australians dream of buying a home, News.com.au, (2007), News.com.au
July 4th 2007 - Breather for home owners as rates held, Domain.com.au, Domain.com.au
July 3rd 2007 - Sydney reclaims property crown from Perth, Bourlioufas, N. (2007), The Australian
July 3rd 2007 - Rudd flags low-tax plan for first-home buyers, Marriner, C. (2007), The Age
March 1st 2007. Investors- Knowledge is power
June 1st 2007 - Thriving Australian Dream


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Property values are influenced by a plethora of diverse and often ambiguous factors, which are often difficult to interpret. Yet in the property market, knowledge is power